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October 29, 2020

Six Major Reasons Why You Need an IT Support Service

Every single business, regardless of size, can benefit from solid IT support. Perhaps you’re a solopreneur, able to plug in and go - but what happens when your laptop seemingly dies, or the latest Windows update simply won’t work?

Every single business, regardless of size, can benefit from solid IT support. Perhaps you’re a solopreneur, able to plug in and go - but what happens when your laptop seemingly dies, or the latest Windows update simply won’t work? Or you may have started a small business that has grown over time and with that growth, more users added one by one. As you become bigger, so you'll need for a solid IT infrastructure grows. Instead of giving the IT crown to whoever is the most computer-literate, consider instead outsourcing and using the services of an external IT support service. Here are six reasons:

  1. Data management and security
    Your data is probably your single most valuable asset. Lose it and you’ll quickly notice. Data can be stored locally, in the cloud or on an external hosted system. Do you know the best option? Wherever your data is, you need to know how to access it, how to ensure no one else can access it and that you are complying with the GDPR. Utilising an IT support service can take care of all your data access and storage needs.
  2. Improve processes and manage the infrastructure
    It’s very easy for a growing business to give each new starter a laptop and phone. But who is making sure they have the right software, that their laptop or PC is setup correctly, that they are connected to the network properly and securely and, importantly, are backing up their data? The more users a business has, so their capacity needs increase – more bandwidth, for example. Having a trusted IT support service in place means all this is taken care of, saving the business both time and cost.
  3. Cost
    Large companies are likely to have a dedicated IT department with its own budget and targets. And they are a vital part of any business’ infrastructure. But for smaller companies on the cusp of needing an IT department of their own, outsourcing is a great solution. You’ll save on so many overheads. Find an IT company who offers a named account manager and who guarantees response time and you’ll receive the same benefits of an in-house team.
  4. Up-to-date systems and hardware
    Technology is one of the fastest evolving industries and with that comes constant software updates, new platforms and innovative communications services, along with hardware and connectivity improvements. Do you know if you need to upgrade any part of your system? How vital is it to your specific business to install the latest Windows update? Which video conferencing system is best for you? Ensure your systems and IT infrastructure constantly match the needs of your business with the expert advice of a support service.
  5. Protection against cyber crime
    As quickly as technology and software evolve, so does the sophistication of cyber criminals. An IT support service can constantly monitor your security barriers, helping to minimise the risk of attack. And should the dreaded occur, they will be on hand to get you back up and running with minimal cost and time disruption. Can any business afford to not have these measures in place?
  6. Customer and client support
    An IT support service works for you, to keep your systems running smoothly. It’s in their interests to work quietly in the background, allowing you to focus on running the business. But should anything go wrong, or stop working, they’ll be on hand to sort it out for you. A company at the end of a phone, on the same time zone, will get you back online quickly. The cost of internet downtime for UK businesses is around £12 billion. Don’t add to that statistic!

So, can your business afford to be without an IT support service? Atlantic Telecom offer a flexible and professional IT support solution for all size of business in any location. We understand how important it is for you to keep your business running. We can run a free IT audit to help you realise the cost, time and logistical benefits of letting us take care of your IT systems. Please call us to find out more or drop us an email

We’d love to help you save time and money.

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