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We look to provide a national service as our customers have offices over most of the UK and indeed some have offices in Europe and even further afield

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Look and see if we cover your area… Our products and services provide value to our clients, enhancing their ability to effectively communicate and deliver reliable services worldwide.

East Sussex
West Sussex

We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding levels of service across the south east and beyond but specifically to the following locations, if you are not listed please feel free to get in touch as we still may be able to support your location.

West Midlands

We are Telecom Solutions Crowborough
Our Products
Delivering innovative business solutions for you
Telephone Systems

We provide options using Microsoft Teams, Horizon, 3CX and our own proprietary telephone system, ensuring you can manage calls not just from your desktop, laptop, desk phone or mobile. Enjoy over 500 telephone features from home office or on the move, anywhere, anytime

Data Connections

Looking for fast, reliable, dependable and cost-effective data connections that make your life easier – look no further. Atlantic Telecom design connectivity solutions that service all business sizes, delivering outstanding performance and service.

mobile data

Business Mobile tariff plans with O2, Vodafone or EE – or a combination of all three? We provide the latest mobile phones from Apple to Android and everything in between. We review and optimise your invoice each month to ensure you don’t get bill shock and advise on how we can reduce your bill further. + many more features.


Virtual numbers, freephone 0800, 03, 0300, 0333, low0cost & premium rate phone numbers available within 2 minutes of a request. Whichever options are right for you, numbers are available for towns and cities across Great Britain. These are vital for targeted but local advertising campaigns and response tracking.

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IT Support

If you are in need of IT support that’s fast, reliable, dependable and uber-friendly look no further.We love our technology and we’re serious about how it can transform businesses, to make them better, more agile and more protected.

Cyber Security

Stay one step ahead. Let us protect you.We analyse your cyber security performance and deliver a fully-managed, data driven approach to show real measurable improvements and make your organisation more secure.

Disaster Recovery

Do you have a plan? Minimize down time in the event of a disaster.We deliver a holistic end-to-end disaster recovery solution and plan with capabilities and features handling every recovery scenario - we will get you back up and running very fast.


A great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage all of your customer data. It supports your sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with your social media and facilitates your team communication.

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We successfully deliver projects on behalf of customers in the following areas: Cost reduction and billing audits, IT Projects, Cyber Security consultancy and CRM - A great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage all your customer data.

Merchant Card Fees

From the leisure industry, hotels, restaurants and bars, our terminals allow secure card payments to be made in all locations with access to wi-fi or Bluetooth.

Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch and our team would be happy to talk you through our different plans and business solutions.

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We would like to show you that there really are genuinely good guys in the telecoms industry, with decent, honest values.
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